Our team can help you choose the product and the right manufacturer, develop budget estimates, and create timelines to get the job completed. Whether you are in the concept stage, know exactly what you need, or are somewhere in between, we can help you understand and choose your options. Our pricing is turnkey- from concept to completion- it includes the product price, freight, storage, assembly, installation, and sales tax.


Carolina Streetscapes selects its manufacturers based on the quality of the product and pricing. We have long-standing relationships with many of our manufacturers which afford us a volume discount, savings we pass along you.


Proper product installation can minimize product-related wear and increase the product's life span. Due to our professional installation techs, our loyal customers continue to rely on us to install our product correctly, service our warranty, respond promptly to product defects, wear and tear, vandalism, storm damage and other 'Acts of God'.


We have certified playground safety inspectors that follow ATSM and NRPA guidelines to ensure the utmost safety and enjoyment for playground visitors.

   Safety Surfacing

If your play area is in need of a refill on safety surfacings such as rubber or wood mulch, or turf repair we can help!


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